The Virgin’s Daughter by Laura Andersen Review

I first discovered Laura Andersen a couple of years ago when I read The Boleyn Trilogy which is historical fiction, reimagined Tudor history, what if Anne Boleyn had given Henry a son? She would still be alive and Queen. This was my dream book series I love historical fiction about the Tudors and Anne doesn’t die, perfect! The series is fantastic and The Virgin’s Daughter is the first book of the new series which starts about eighteen years on from the end of The Boleyn Trilogy.

Elizabeth I is Queen and married to King Phillip II of Spain, they have a daughter together, Anne (also know as Anabel). Minuette and Dominic, Elizabeth’s close friends now have four children of their own, each as brilliant and intelligent as their parents. I really enjoyed getting to know all their children. Mary Stuart is being held captive in England and there is a plot started by Catholics in Europe to free her.

Elizabeth and her trusted Lords have heard rumours of a plot but they think it is to have the Queen or Princess killed. Elizabeth decides to send Minuette’s eldest daughter Lucette to France where she was born while Minuette was in exile. The Le Clerc family are under suspicion and Lucette needs to discover which of the Le Clerc brothers is an enemy of England.

The book is very well written, all the characters, old and new are well rounded and their relationships are so deep and intriguing. Once I was about half way through I didn’t want to put the book down, it was so intense.

A really enjoyable read and I’m excited to read the next one!

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