Top Five Tuesday – Slytherin

A new Top Five Tuesday, the promts are created by Bionic Book Worm. This month’s promts are all Harry Potter themed and this week it’s Slytherin!

I was a bit nervous about this week, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find enough characters or I’d fall into the trap of picking only ‘villians’/’bad’ characters. But I’m so happy with my group, I genuinely adore all of them.

1. Cersei Lannister – A Song of Ice and Fire

Cersei Lannister

I love this woman so bloody much. There’s no doubt that she would be a Slytherin, even from a young age Cersei wanted to be the Queen (her father probably put the idea in her head but still). She both loves and hates fiercely. Cersei will hold grudges forever. She hated her life married to Robert but she never gave up, she stayed alive for her children and to further her family name. She’s determined, ambitious, sassy, manipulative and protective over a select few. She’s also one of the strongest characters that I know.

2. Finnick Odair – The Hunger Games series

Finnick Odair

My dear Finnick, he’s such a cutie! I think he’s a Slytherin because of his charming nature, he also spends lots of his adult life fooling the people around him that he likes them and enjoys their company. He’s loyal to his loved ones and his friends in the rebellion. He’s determined and so clever, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to survive in the Capital. He’s a big highlight of the books for me.

3. Margaery Tyrell – A Song of Ice and Fire

Margaery Tyrell

Another character who wants to be a Queen. So much that she gets married three times in the books, she’s twice widowed, both her first husbands were murdered. Margaery is charming, intelligent and ambitious. She will do whatever it takes to reach the top, with the help of her family. I really admire her determination and she’s so kind to Sansa when she doesn’t have to be. I think their friendship was genuine. Margaery is such an interesting character and her and Cersei make an explosive pair!

4. Briony Tallis – Atonement

Briony Tallis

I was inspired more by Briony as a child for Slytherin, which would be when she was sorted, so it works! She’s suspicious, inquisitive, cunning and jealous. She’s also a writer so imaginative and creative, she likes being the centre of attention and performing her plays for her family. Briony isn’t the nicest child but she grows up to regret her actions and becomes a better person.

5. Daenerys Targaryen – A Song of Ice and Fire

Daenerys Targaryen

Ok so my third Queen from ASOIAF, woops! For me Dany is definitely a Slytherin, she grows up in exile and is told all her life that her birthright is to rule the Seven Kingdoms, that her family had ruled there for generations. Dany already has magic with her dragons but I think she’d love Hogwarts. Dany is intelligent, fierce, brilliant and so kind. She has so much empathy for others. Dany is determined and I hope she gets to Westeros, I just don’t want her to hurt my other babies!!

I think this might be my favourite group which is a surprise! What do you guys think? Anyone else that would go in Slytherin?


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