Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Albums

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic by thatartsyreadergirl is an audio freebie which I was very excited about! I decided to pick my top ten favourite albums and here they are:

Image result for sam's town the killers album1. Sam’s Town by The Killers (2006)


  1. Sam’s Town
  2. Enterlude
  3. When You Were Young
  4. Bling (Confession Of A King)
  5. For Reasons Unknown
  6. Read My Mind
  7. Uncle Jonny
  8. Bones
  9. My List
  10. This River Is Wild
  11. Why Do I Keep Counting?
  12. Exitlude

This is one of the first albums that I remember falling in love with, all the songs are brilliant and really spoke to me at the time and still do. The Killers will always be some of my favourites but this album especially so. My favourite tracks are This River Is Wild  and When You Were Young.

Ifyouleavedaughter.jpg2. If You Leave by Daughter (2013)


  1. Winter
  2. Smother
  3. Youth
  4. Still
  5. Lifeforms
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Human
  8. Touch
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Shallows

This band are everything, their songs are so beautiful and chilling. This is their debut album and it’s just so stunning. I could listen to them all day, forever! My favourite songs on the album are Smother, Youth and Lifeforms.

Image result for sleeping at last year one3. Atlas: Year One by Sleeping At Last (2014)


  1. Overture
  2. Woodwork
  3. I’ll Keep You Safe
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Uneven Odds
  6. Light
  7. You Are Enough
  8. Heirloom
  9. The Projectionist
  10. In The Embers
  11. Sun
  12. Mercury
  13. Venus
  14. Earth
  15. Moon
  16. Mars
  17. Jupiter
  18. Saturn
  19. Uranus
  20. Neptune
  21. Pluto
  22. North
  23. South
  24. East
  25. West
  26. Pacific
  27. Atlantic
  28. Indian
  29. Southern
  30. Artic

This album is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever listened to. It has a mixture of instrumental and lyrical songs and each one is perfection! They are calming and emotional, it takes us on a journey through space, across our oceans. Their music is just so wonderful. I use two of the the tracks as my alarms in the morning because they’re peaceful and won’t make me jump. It’s hard to pick favourites with so many songs but I think it would be South, Mercury, Pluto and West.

Ceremonials.png4. Ceremonials by Florence & the Machine (2011)


  1. Only If For A Night
  2. Shake It Out
  3. What The Water Gave Me
  4. Never Let Me Go
  5. Breaking Down
  6. Lover To Lover
  7. No Light, No Light
  8. Seven Devils
  9. Heartlines
  10. Spectrum
  11. All This And Heaven Too
  12. Leave My Body

I love this album, it’s so dark and etheral. All of Florence & the Machine’s work is stunning but this album is my favourite. My best songs on it are Shake It Out, Never Let Me Go and Seven Devils.

Adele - 21.png5. 21 by Adele (2011)


  1. Rolling In The Deep
  2. Rumour Has It
  3. Turning Tables
  4. Don’t You Remember
  5. Set Fire To The Rain
  6. He Won’t Go
  7. Take It All
  8. I’ll Be Waiting
  9. One And Only
  10. Lovesong
  11. Someone Like You

Adele’s voice is so incredible, I love this album it makes me so emotional, but there are some really badass songs on it as well. Adele is so talented, it was hard to choose just one of her albums! My favourites on this one are Somone Like You and Turning Tables.

Thisisacting albumcover.png6. This Is Acting by Sia (2016)


  1. Bird Set Free
  2. Alive
  3. One Million Bullets
  4. Move Your Body
  5. Unstoppable
  6. Cheap Thrills
  7. Reaper
  8. House On Fire
  9. Footprints
  10. Sweet Design
  11. Broken Glass
  12. Space Between

This album is so powerful, Sia is amazing. It’s such an emotional and empowering album. It really means a lot to me this album. My favourite tracks are Bird Set Free, Alive and Space Between.

Halsey - Badlands.png7. Badlands by Halsey (2015)


  1. Hold Me Down
  2. Hurricane
  3. Roman Holiday
  4. Strange Love
  5. Coming Down
  6. Haunting
  7. Young God
  8. I Walk The Line
  9. Castle
  10. New Americana
  11. Drive
  12. Ghost
  13. Colors
  14. Colors Pt II
  15. Gasoline
  16. Control

I bloody love Halsey, her music is so edgy and dark, especially this album. I was and still am obsessed with this album. The songs are so descriptive, I just love it. My favourites are Castle, Control, Gasoline and Haunting.

Speyesopen.jpg8. Eyes Open by Snow Patrol (2006)


  1. You’re All I Have
  2. Hands Open
  3. Chasing Cars
  4. Shut Your Eyes
  5. It’s Beginning To Get To Me
  6. You Could Be Happy
  7. Make This Go On Forever
  8. Set The Fire To The Third Bar
  9. Headlights On Dark Roads
  10. Open Your Eyes
  11. The Finish Line
  12. In My Arms
  13. Warmer Climate

I love this band and this album so much! My Mum loves Snow Patrol and used to listen to them a lot which is how I discovered them, me and my sisters used to sing their songs in the kitchen while we washed up after dinner. My favourite tracks are Chasing Cars, Set The Fire To The Third Bar and Headlights On Dark Roads.

Fakthelionsroar.jpg9. The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit (2012)


  1. The Lion’s Roar
  2. Emmylou
  3. In The Hearts Of Men
  4. Blue
  5. This Old Routine
  6. To A Poet
  7. I Found A Way
  8. Dance To Another Tune
  9. New Year’s Eve
  10. King Of The World
  11. Wolf

This album is so beautiful. I love First Aid Kit’s folk style, their voices are so beautiful. This was the first album I found of theirs and I love every single song! My favourites though are Emmylou, The Lion’s Roar and In The Hearts Of Men.

Bastille - Bad Blood (Album).png10. Bad Blood by Bastille (2013)


  1. Pompeii
  2. Things We Lost In The Fire
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Overjoyed
  5. These Streets
  6. Weight Of Living Pt II
  7. Icarus
  8. Oblivion
  9. Flaws
  10. Daniel In The Den
  11. Laura Palmer
  12. Get Home
  13. Weight Of Living Pt I

This album is so epic, Bastille have such a great style. Obviously one of my favourites in Pompeii, I bloody love that song, also Daniel In The Den and Icarus!

I had so much fun making this post. What are some of your favourite albums?


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