Quotes of the Week

I started watching the OA on Netflix this week, it is so incredible, really clever and beautiful. Here are my favourite quotes from this week:

“It is an uncanny feeling, that rare occasion when one catches a glimpse of oneself in repose. An unguarded moment, stripped to artifice, when one forgets to fool even oneself.” – Grace, The House At Riverton

I would love to be able to see myself from the outside, we’re so tough on ourselves these days but we would never be that mean to one of our friends, it would be nice to see all our own little quirks and our genuine smile, not posing for a picture but in our natural state.

“Remember the pain, pain is good, it means you’re out of the cave.” – Jim Hopper, Stranger Things season 3 episode 8

This whole episode broke my heart but this quote really got to me, it’s so true! When you’re out there living you can feel!

My biggest mistake was thinking if I cast a beautiful net then I would only catch beautiful things.” – Prairie, The OA season 1 episode 2

Such a powerful quote and a very powerful show. There are so many layers of genius to unravel!

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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