Top Five Tuesday – Books With Less Than 300 Pages

A new Top Five Tuesday, the prompts are created by Bionic Book Worm. A lot of my potential picks for this week were aimed at children but I’ve tried to pick a mixture!

7181829. sy475 1. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

I love this book, it’s so bonkers! Alice’s adventures are so much fun to read, my favourite bit is probably at the beginning when she shrinks then grows huge. And the Hatter’s tea party!



2249122. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling

This book still gives me chills, I’m surprised it’s this short, this book used to terrify me, I used to think a basalisk would come out of my sink and eat me (one of the toilets in my house has a green door, I think that set me off!) I still love the bit towards the end when Harry and Ron (with the help of a petrified Hermione) figure out what the beast is and how to get into the Chamber of Secrets.


8283523. Mort by Terry Pratchett

This is one of my favourite Discworld novels as it’s centred around Death. Death decides to hire and apprentice, Mort, a very alive human! As always from Terry Pratchett the book is filled with imagination and wit.



11758566. sy475 4. Persuasion by Jane Austen

I really enjoy reading this classic maybe because it isn’t ridiculously long! Some classics feel like you’re never going to be able to finish them, but not Persuasion. It’s about getting a second chance at love and if you’re meant to be with a person, eventually you’ll find each other again. It’s also just really cute and filled with olden days kind of sexual tension!


71407545. Solar by Ian McEwan

I really enjoyed the science angle of this book, it’s about Michael, a prize-winning physicist who travels to New Mexico and tries to save the world from environmental disaster. In his private life Michael is a mess, he’s facing his fifth divorce as his wife wants to leave him for another man.

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