Top Five Tuesday – Favourite Audiobooks

A new Top Five Tuesday, the prompts are created by Bionic Book Worm. This is a great topic for me, this year I started getting really into audiobooks, some that I listened to have definitely been better than others so here are my top five:

1. Mythos written and narrated by Stephen Fry

This was the first audiobook I listened to. Stephen Fry’s style of writing flows so well. Not even for a moment do you feel like the stories are dated or boring. I loved learning about all the Gods and Goddesses and finding out where we get so many words from!

2. World War Z written by Max Brooks, narrated by: Christopher Ragland, Rupert Farley, Nigel Pilkington, Jennifer Woodward, David Thorpe, Adam Sims & Robert Slade

This was so cleverly recorded, the premise of the book is a zombie virus has spread across the world, human kind almost became extinct. Somehow they managed to cling on and a journalist has travelled the world collecting survivors stories. The use of different voices worked perfectly, it all felt very real and so scary!

3. The Child written by Fiona Barton, narrated by Claire Corbett, Adjoa Andoh, Finty Williams, Fenella Woolgar & Steven Pacey

Again the multiple narrators really addd something extra to the story. On a building site in London the skeleton of a baby has been found. The Child tells the story from three different points of view; one woman is reminded of the worst thing that ever happened to her, another is worried that her deepest secret is about to be discovered and the third is journalist trying to find the truth. I really connected with the characters in the story and found myself very emotional by the end.

4. Their Lost Daughters written by Joy Ellis, narrated by Richard Armitage

This is a crime novel set in Lincolnshire, a girl is found wandering and confused having been drugged at a party, but she’s asking for her friend who has disappeared. DI Rowan Jackman and DS Marie Evans have to find the people responsible and stop it before anyone else goes missing. Firstly Richard Armitage has such a gorgeous voice so bonus points for that…but it’s a really gripping story, I’m listening to another one in this series at the moment and it’s just as good.

5. Murder on the Orient Express written by Agatha Christie, narrated by: Tom Conti, Jane Asher, Ruta Gedmintas, Joseph Paterson, Ruta Lenska, Art Malik, Edie Marson, Sophie Okenedo & Walles Harmonde

This felt like more of a radio play and it was fantastic. I’ve never actually read any Agatha Christie books but I loved this so I’m clearly going to have to pick some up.

What are some of your favourite audiobooks?

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