Top Five Tuesday – A-Z Authors

A new Top Five Tuesday, the prompts are created by Bionic Book Worm. This month’s topics are A-Z authors, this week it’s the first five A-E which wasn’t too difficult but I have a feeling it will be tougher as we go down the alphabet!

A: Kate Atkinson

Kate has written lots of different books ranging from crime to historical fiction. But her characters are always well written and likeable. I discovered her when I read When Will There Be Good News? which is part of her Jackson Brodie series, Jackson is a police officer turned private investigator. I was really into crime novels at the time but my favourites are probably Life after Life and A God in Ruins which are set during WWII and follow the Todd family through their lives. Kate Atkinson is one of my authors that I always look out for and can happily re-read her books forever!

B: Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights is one of my favourite classics, probably because of the gothic theme. I had to study it at college but I still love the book, that’s how good it is! The characters are so dramatic and the story so strange, it has a dark and eerie feel that appeals to me.

C: Suzanne Collins

I still haven’t quite forgiven Suzanne for the end of Mockingjay but I’m still grateful for the messed up world of Panem she created and all the characters I love within it. One of my favourite things about The Hunger Games is that it points to so many damaging things in our own society like our obsession with reality television no matter how damaging it might be to the people in it.

D: Emma Donoghue

I have only read one of Emma’s books but I know I need to read more because she is a brilliant author. Room was so clever and terrifying. The way it was written felt so real. Like the reader was also trapped in one small room with no possible escape. But I love how the characters never lost hope and had their sweet routines.

E: Joy Ellis

I have only ever listened to Joy Ellis’ books but they are some of my favourite audiobooks. The books I’ve heard are from her DI Jackman and DS Evans series, it’s set in Wales, I love the pace of the books, they’re never rushed and when the detectives solve their cases it always makes sense. The characters all fit well together and you feel like you’re part of the police team. Also Richard Armitage narrates the audiobooks so you can’t go wrong there!

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