Top Five Tuesday- Series I Want to Start

A new Top Five Tuesday, the prompts are created by Bionic Book Worm. This week is series we want to start reading. I do have quite a few on my to-read list at the moment!

10964. sy475 1. Outlander

I started watching Outlander a while ago and I really want to read the series I just haven’t got around to it yet. In the first book we meet Claire, a WWII nurse who is on her honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands. She comes across an ancient circle of stones and somehow ends up in 1743. During this time Scotland are on the brink of war with England. Outlander is a love story and Claire and Jamie are couple goals, they love each other so much. I can’t wait to get my hands on the books.

64153862. The Witcher

I didn’t know this series existed until I saw the tv series but I loved it. Witchers are warriors that were made by magic, they have incredible strength and they live longer than mortals. They were made to protect people from the monsters that plaugued their lands. Geralt is a Witcher but he struggles to get by, his profession isn’t as respected as it once was. For years humans, dwarves, gnomes and elves have lived together in relative peace, but war is coming. There are lots of books and I am very excited to read them!

78965273. Throne of Glass

I’ve seen this series mentioned a lot on blogs that I follow which is how I found it. It’s another fantasy series, there’s a badass female assassin, Celaena who has spent a year in a mine as punishment for her crimes. Until the Prince comes asks her to be his champion in the competition to find the new royal assassin. It has Hunger Games vibes because Celaena is forced to compete for her freedom, but it also has the secrets and uncertainty of a royal court.

180530604. Dorothy Must Die

This series looks so good. Dorothy has found a way back to Oz, she seized power and it went to her head. The ‘Good’ Witches can’t be trusted and the Wicked Witches have formed a Revoulutionary Order. They have recruited another girl from Kansas in the hope that she can get close to Dorothy and take her out. I love the idea of taking a well known story and flipping it on it’s head.

22328546. sy475 5. Red Queen

In this world it’s people are divided by blood, red or silver. The Reds are ruled by the Silver elite who possess superpowers. Mare is living in poverty and it seems to her like nothing will ever change. Until one day she finds herself working in the Silver Palace. She discovers that she has her own powers, but the Silvers try to pretend she is a long lost Princess. Mare works silently to help the Red Guard, a resistance group, and bring down the Silver regime.

There’s definitely a fantasy theme here, but what are some of the series’ that you’re eager to start?

7 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday- Series I Want to Start

  1. I am almost done with the Witcher books and have some mixed feelings about them. The Throne of Glass books, however, are just awesome!
    Dorothy Must Die has been on my list ever since I got Goodreads and I still haven read it. Shame on me.

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      1. They are somewhat different. I really liked the first two (the anthologies that bascially got covered in the show so far) but with the other novels, I really liked some, was really bored by some, and was extremely annoyed by some of the fucked up shit going on.

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      2. Yeah I like the way the show changed narrative a lot, maybe it’s not as good when it follows one timeline? Oh no, I hate being frustrated by stories that you’re invested in!


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