Top Five Tuesday – Characters I would trade places with

This week we have to pick five characters we would trade places with, I decided to pick characters from places I would enjoy going to rather than ones I could save from their fates.

1. A Ravenclaw student in Luna Lovegood’s year

A bit random, basically I want to go to Hogwarts, but I also want to be Luna’s friend. She’s caring, quirky and doesn’t care what others think. I wouldn’t let anyone pick on her either (I’m looking at you Ginny).

2. Susan Pevensie

Getting to go to Narnia and become a Queen, sign me up! I relate most to Susan, she’s more cautious/sensible and cares a lot about her younger siblings. For their first visit to Narnia the Pevensie’s save the land and then live as royalty for half a lifetime before they returned to the 1940s.

3. Eliza Makepeace

Eliza has a tough upbringing but her home in the hidden cottage on the Cornwall coast sounds idyllic. She writes stories and walks through the countryside all day.

4. Lyra Belacqua

When I read His Dark Materials I was a bit jealous of Lyra having Pan with her always, I would love to know what my daemon would be and Lyra’s world isn’t as modern and suffocating as ours.

5. Elizabeth Bennett

I love Jane Austen’s books but Pride and Prejudice is my favourite, I would live to live as Elizabeth for a time, she has a lovely home in the countryside with all her sisters around her. Also the outfits!

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