Top Five Tuesday – A-Z Favourite Characters

It’s Top Five Tuesday which is hosted by Meeghan Reads, every week we’re given a book related topic and we choose our top five! This month it’s another A-Z this time our favourite characters, this week it’s the end of the alphabet U-Z.

U – Ursula Todd (Life After Life)

Ursula lives through different versions of her life in Life After Life, sometimes she can almost remember parts from previous time lines. She lives through WWI and WWII she is incredibly strong but above all she loves her family, specifically her sister Pamela and brother Teddy. Eventually she realises that she can use her reincarnations to try to save them during the war.

V – Visenya Targaryen (Fire and Blood)

I’m not always a fan of the Targaryens but I’ve always been drawn more to Visenya. She’s a true warrior queen, she prefers wearing armour and flying on the back of her dragon to being around people!

W – Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion)

This guy is adorable, he had his heart broken by the love of his life, Anne when she rejected his proposal years before. In Persuasion they find each other again, they still love each other, Frederick is now wealthy, he made his fortune through hard work. He’s blunt and stand-offish at first but eventually we see his soft side.

X – Xenophilius Lovegood (Harry Potter series)

I’m pretty surprised that I found someone with a name beginning with X! Xenophilius is a very quirky wizard, he created the Quibbler, a magazine that highlights all the conspiracy theories of the Wizarding World. A lot of people don’t take him seriously but when Voldermort came back and the Ministry were attacking Harry he stood by him. Also he raised Luna and she is golden!

Y – Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher series)

I haven’t read the Witcher series yet but I loved Yennefer’s character in the show so I know she’ll be one of my favourites when I read them! She’s fierce and strong and fights against the rules that are imposed on her. Yennefer is a badass witch who doesn’t care what anyone says.

Z – Zeus (Greek mythology)

I’m clutching at straws here because Zeus actually annoys me, but I do find Greek mythology fascinating! I love how the Greek gods aren’t perfect and divine, they’re chaotic, ruthless, meddling and even jealous, they seem more real this way, they’re flawed too. Zeus is the most out of control, he’s in charge so he does what he likes, but if you cross him it could have grave consequences, even for the immortal, he will find a terrible punishment for those that anger him.

I am really happy that I managed to find someone for all the tricky letters! I’ve enjoyed this months prompts, I can’t believe it’s nearly October already!

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