2018 Wrap Up

I had a difficult start to the year, but one of my main resolutions for this year was to find a new job which thankfully I managed. My old workplace was such a toxic environment I couldn’t bear it any longer. My anxiety was also pretty bad at the beginning of the year but it’s got so much better, I’m so glad.

I’m looking forward to growing my blog more next year, reading lots of course and continue to heal and grow.

I hope you all have lovely New Year celebrations. See you in 2019!

Maybe there are only maybes

“Maybe the point of life is to give up certainty and to embrace life’s beautiful uncertainty.”

I’m currently reading Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig. It is about how fast everyone is always moving, how damaging social media can be and trying to find a way to stay calm on this ‘nervous planet’. It’s given me a lot to think about already, why are we all becoming more stressed and anxious? I’m studying to become a counsellor at the moment and I wanted to do my presentation on how social media can affect mental health so this book can help me a lot with that.

I have anxiety so reading Matt Haig’s words about his own problems and the problems he sees in the world is so grounding. I’m only a few chapters in but the book is genius already. I’ll publish the full review when I’ve finished.