The Girl Who Lived Twice by David Lagercrantz

“I will be the hunter not the hunted.” – Lisbeth

Following on from the last book in the series, Lisbeth is still trying to track her sister’s movements while staying hidden herself. She ends up in Russia and has managed to hack in to cameras around Camilla’s house. Meanwhile back in Sweden Mikael is working on his story about the stock market crash. But he’s bored and uninspired, he can’t find an answer to his questions so he decides to take a break. But because he Mikael Blomkvist, he gets dragged into a mystery anyway. A homeless man died but a doctor who had seen the man often suspects fowl play. The man kept to himself and as far as she could tell there was no reason to murder him.

I realised how much I had missed Lisbeth and Mikael when I started reading this. They’re both so determined and intelligent yet chaotic, I forgot how fascinating they are. Lisbeth hasn’t told anyone where she is or what she’s up to, she works well on her own but Mikael is really worried about her, he’s searching for signs of her everywhere.

“He was fed up with it. He was tired of the news in general, tired of all the depressing political developments around the world.” – what a mood!

I felt like we’re back at what this series does best, we have a mystery, it’s possibly political but none of the pieces fit together. Lisbeth and Mikael make a brilliant team even though they’re not together. The jumps from one character to the next are seamless, it’s not confusing or difficult to follow and it keeps a nice pace to the book. It becomes incredibly tense and dramatic as the story goes on.

I like how a few times the story touched on the damaging effects the media can have. The hate campaign towards Johannes and Catrin’s dealings with negative reactions to her journalism. Social media has become this terrifying place where horrible people can sit safely behind a screen and tear down others for fun. It needs to stop.

I am so sad that this is the last book in the series, I will miss Lisbeth and Mikael a lot! The tension and action towards the end is so dramatic, I couldn’t put the book down. The whole series has shone a light on how dangerous our world is, there are secret threats everywhere when it comes to governments and spies. How much can we really trust our leaders? My bet is not at all! But there are still good people like Lisbeth and Mikael, Bublanski and Sonja who give us hope.

Sunday Morning Coming Down by Nicci French Review

“If there’s a wasp in the room, you’d rather know where it is.”

In the penultimate novel in the Freida Klein series we dive straight into the action. At the end of the sixth book Frieda has just discovered a dead body under her floor, she had sent this man to track down her stalker and this was his response.

Things only get worse for Frieda and her friends, the book was fast paced which definitely made it more addictive. Frieda’s niece was abducted for a weekend and found in a graveyard, still alive but with no memory of the past days. She was unharmed apart from the drugs that had been injected into her system.

The police are at a loss, but still it keeps getting worse. It appears that Frieda’s stalker who the police thought was dead now has a copycat who is escalating his attacks.

I felt so awful for all of these lovely characters who we’ve got to know over the series, they are all so different but they’ve all gravitated towards Frieda for different reasons, she is the heart of the group but that has put them all in grave danger.

As a reader we also get an insight into the copycat’s mind. Nicci French has always been good at getting into the minds of their sociopathic characters, and this one was no exception, it is both fascinating and terrifying!

I really enjoyed this book and I am excited to read the final book except I hate endings!

Saturday Requiem by Nicci French Review

This book is the sixth in the Frieda Klein series. Frieda is a psychotherapist who sometimes consults with the police on cases. Or at least she used to, in the last book she was framed for murder and only just managed to prove her innocence. A strange and powerful man helped her and now she owes him a favour.

Thirteen years ago, eighteen year old Hannah Docherty was convicted of killing her entire family. She has been in a psychiatric hospital ever since, often sent into solitary confinement and beaten by other patients. The arresting police officer is under investigation as are some of his old cases. Frieda believes that Hannah is innocent and wants to prove it.

Hannah’s story is so sad, I can’t believe people are treated that way. Frieda is as brilliant and blunt as ever in this book and she’s so incredible at her job. I love seeing her piece all the clues together. The story is gripping and tense, I also believed Hannah was innocent and was outraged at the way she has been treated in the ‘hospital’ where she’s been kept. A fantastic read as always from Nicci French.