Autumn TBR List

It’s autumn! Time for jumpers, scarves and beautiful autumn colours. I love autumn, it’s not yet freezing, the sun still makes an appearance but it’s still cozy blanket weather. I read a lot all year around but it feels right to be curled up under a blanket reading all afternoon while it’s raining outside. Anyway here are the books I hope to read over the next three months.

40545855. sy475 After the Party by Cressida Connolly – September

I’ve just started this one, it’s set in 1938 in England. Phyillis Forrester has lived abroad with her husband and children for years and they’ve finally come back to England. She wanted to live close to her sisters and she soon finds herself mixing with their middle class friends. But war is brewing and the hatred that spurs on the Nazi’s isn’t exclusive to them. I’m not that far into the book so everything seems innocent enough at the moment, but all the meetings that the sisters go to and speakers that preach to them has the potential to become hateful. It’s pretty scary.

61642Eric by Terry Pratchett – September

Another book with our favourite failing wizard Rincewind. A funny take on the Faust legend, Eric makes a deal with the devil but instead of getting immortality and riches he gets stuck with Rincewind and the Luggage.



44797820. sy475 The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley – September/October

This is the third book in the series and I’m really looking forward to finding out more about Star and her roots. These books are so well written, they really take you on the sisters journeys with them. I have pushed this book back a few times, I had books that my Mum had leant me so I wanted to read those first but I will definitely keep it’s place this time.


34500235. sy475 Sunday Morning Coming Down by Nicci French – October/November

The seventh Frieda Klein novel this leads straight from the end of Saturday Requiem which ended dramatically with Frieda finding the dead body of a policeman under her floorboards. Frieda is sure her stalker Dean Reeve is behind it but he’s been (supposedly) dead for seven years.


833427Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett – November

A twist on Cinderella, a servant girl’s fairy godmother dies but her wishes have already set in motion a terrible plan that could destroy the kingdom. It’s up to Granny Weatherwax, Magrat Garlick and Nanny Ogg to save the kingdom of Genua and stop the Prince from making a huge mistake.


40513444. sy475 Nightflyers by George R.R Martin – November

I saw this book in a shop a little while ago and I didn’t know George had written any space books, I’m so excited to read it.


I’m also re-reading ASOIAF at home, the books are so huge, I don’t bother taking them to work! What are some of your autumn reads this year?



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